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Colour Love

Let’s just all stop for a second and take in this most beautiful of colour palettes from one my favourite brands, Jac + Jack. Oh, the dusty pink and wine coloured beauty! Contented sighs all round.

Apart from being an Australian owned brand, ethically made in luxurious yarn and generally just friggen awesome, Jac + Jack have smashed one out of the park with their colours this season. This is just one of the many stunning colour palettes they’ve created for Spring ’17, so if you haven’t seen the others, you should. Like now.

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White Shirts Forever

Having written about them previously and sporting a couple myself in this post, you could be forgiven for thinking that I’m a bit obsessed with white shirts.

Well, you would be right!

What should you look for in a white shirt? Read on.

1.  Fabric Composition
In a world full of leaky coffee cups, eating on the run and heavy duty make up, your white shirt will need a good soak every now and again. Get yourself a shirt made from sturdy natural fibres such as cotton or linen as they’ll last long, breathe well, and because you’re worth it.

2. Fabric Type
By this I mean how the fabric feels. A crispy feel (cotton poplin) is neat and can be dressed up or down. A gauzy soft feel (cotton or linen) is more casual and is great for weekends and beach wear. Choose one or the other, or one of each!

2. Cut
There are a lot of options and the best fit for you will depend on your ‘style’ as well as your shape. For versatility, choose a shirt that has a small collar, simple front pocket (if any), and nice tidy buttons. Slightly roomy is much nicer and more flattering than slightly too small, so make sure there are no gaping buttons. Currently I like an oversize shirt, slightly drop shouldered with a scoop hem and hidden placket, but I seriously have every style of white shirt available and I wear them all. Experiment with the right style for you!

Text and images by Catalina Alfaro Stylist for Alfie’s Friend Rolfe

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White Shirt, What Would I Do Without You?

When your brain is too tired to think of what to wear and you hate everything you own (yes, we’ve all been there!!), nothing can make your life easier than pulling out a classic white shirt. A must have in every single wardrobe that ever was.

womens white shirts

Whether you prefer a silky blouse style or crispy man style, a stiff tuxedo front or gauzy loose weave, short sleeve or rolled sleeve, fitted or oversize, off white or bright white…here’s an inspiration board to get you going. Wear a white shirt with anything and everything.

To be honest I need this inspiration board more than anybody at the moment…preparations for Christmas trade at my boutique are making my brain very tired!

Snapping out of it as of RIGHT NOW.


Images sourced from The Sartorialist, Net-a-porter, Wiki Fashion, and Carolina Herrera.

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Spring Palette: Pale Blue

Spring flatlay with captionlvr_campaign_webimage_9

Pale blue is a seriously underrated colour in a girl’s wardrobe…why is that? are we conditioned not to wear it from our baby girl days? Is it still a “boy” colour? Well forget that, it’s time to get some pale blues in your wardrobe. It looks good on blondes, brunettes and redheads (in fact, redheads + pale blue = perfection), and works with tan or no tan (so it’s perfect après-winter when you’re a bit pasty…hooray).
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Casual Friday Part II

Casual Friday Part II.2

Stores have started receiving their Spring ’13 ranges (yay! finally!) and I’m sure you’ve noticed an obvious pattern…patterns! Big or small, bold or sedate, colourful or monochromatic, they’re everywhere. It’s true they can be a tricky…but a little sharp tailoring, quality fabrics, subtle colour combinations and neat accessories means you can definitely bust out some excellent patterns at work on Casual Friday. Yeehar.

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Casual Friday Part I

Let’s talk about Casual Friday. Seriously the way people freak out about this concept, you’d think that it was thought up by evil HR types out to torture innocent hard-working people. It’s actually a nice last-day-of-the-week where you can relax the formality of the workplace a little and maybe head out for a nice drink somewhere straight after work without looking all suit-y.

Even though Casual Friday can be a bit tricky, there are some rules you can follow regardless of where you work so you can always look the business (heehee).
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