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Don’t Fight The Blues Part II

Dressier Blues

Last week I put together a “mood-board of manly casualness in many blue hues” for you. It was a homage to everything blue and manly for looking awesome on the weekend and during leisure time (do people still have leisure time?). This week I’m focusing on a dressier approach. We all gotta dress up sometime, right? And I do love a dapper gent.

So a question that I get asked ALL THE TIME is “what is smart casual?”. It’s the new dress code of choice for anything from a birthday lunch to a wedding, so it can cover quite a lot of ground when it comes to styles. Definitely a topic I need to devote more time to later but for now, pretty much anything in this week’s mood board fits the bill for guys. Blue is a great colour for smart casual attire like an unstructured blazer, slim pant or even a casual suit because black can be too ‘black tie’, brown is a little too ‘vintage’ and grey is a little too ‘business’. In any case, nothing says ‘smart’ better than a perfect ink navy.
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