Weekend Perv: Maison Martin Margiela mirror clutch

Over the 10+ years that I’ve had my boutique, I’ve met a great many people with amazing style, and one of them walked into my store this week carrying this shiny covetable beauty. It’s amazing and now I want one more than a holiday so it totally deserves a bit of sharing for the Weekend Perv.

(The person carrying this bag always looks impeccable and unique and has the best accessories to perv on. Seriously, if only you could see the rest of the outfit, you’d faint at how good it is. Next time, if I think you can take it I promise to show you)

Maison Martin Margiela is one of those brands that cool fashion people wear (fashion designers, models, editors, buyers…you know, people that get snapped by The Sartorialist) and they do so because it’s luxurious, interesting and unusual, in other words it’s for grown ups. This curved clutch bag is the epitome of all those things. It features a fantastic concave perspex mirror panel on one side, beautiful soft leather on the other and an excellent chunky zip enclosure (I do love a good zipper, it’s so important). When held mirror side in the curve makes it super ergonomic. When held mirror side out, well it’s just super awesome.

Here’s a cheer for all things shiny and perv-worthy! Happy weekend x