To most people the prospect of putting together a ‘look’ can be daunting. There are endless choices out there for just about everything, plus everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, and in this day and age, who has the time? It takes forever to sort through all the options and you may end up even more confused, or worse still, scared of even trying. This happens to a lot of people. And this is where I come in…I know how to fix it!


I’ll need to know all about you in order to best plan your new wardrobe.

At the interview we discuss important factors of your life that affect how you dress and shop, and we have the chance to meet each other and discuss what you need. We’ll determine if we’re a good fit and if so, go ahead with the Wardrobe Consultation.

At-home Wardrobe Consultation

Get ready to be ruthless! I will come to your house and audit your wardrobe thoroughly. During this process we’ll clear out what’s bad, rediscover what’s good, and make a list of what you need in your wardrobe. This process is very cathartic and can be a stand alone service if there is no shopping requirement.


Personal Shopping

Based on our Interview and At-home Wardrobe Consultation I plan a detailed shopping itinerary especially for you. I pride myself on knowing exactly what product is available through thorough research. We will only visit relevant stores, all of which I have visited on your behalf prior to our shopping trip. All garments and accessories have been hand selected for you by me. Essentially  I put the right things for you in the change room and you try them on. If we decide it’s the right option then we take it.

I preview up coming collections and have already built relationships with designers so some items may come direct from the designers themselves. This gives you access to cutting edge Australian and International labels before they hit the stores.

Follow Up Visit

Once the wardrobe has been audited and all your new items from the are there, I make another home visit to show you how to pair all the existing wardrobe items with the new items purchased during the shopping day.

During this time I take photos to keep a digital record of ‘outfits’ in your wardrobe for your reference and for any follow up questions and sessions.

Once you’re happy with the process and your new look, we can discuss how I can help with upcoming events and season to season style advice.

Help, it’s an emergency!

If you need to seriously impress and haven’t got time to reassess your whole wardrobe I can tailor that one amazing outfit, accessories, hair…whatever you need. Whether it’s a wedding, a special party, a business meeting or a hot date, it will do just the trick.

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