Happy Clients!

There’s nothing better than a happy client! See what some of Catalina’s past clients have to say about her services.

“Lack of time and guidance are the two main reasons why I needed a Personal Stylist. Having someone guide me as to what was in fashion and do the groundwork in the shops was a really efficient way of shopping. I also found it really helpful to have someone give an honest and educated opinion on how clothes looked on me and what combinations worked best.

Catalina did a full audit of my wardrobe of what I should keep or throw out and what new combinations I could make with my existing clothes. From the wardrobe audit, she then worked out what was missing from my wardrobe and we spent a day shopping for those items. I was given tips as to what I should look for and what things work well together. I was shown also how to pair my old and new pieces. Since then I’ve had regular tips on what is new in fashion from Catalina’s shop. I’m very happy with the result. The process with Catalina gave me confidence to have a concise wardrobe. I continue to use what I’ve learnt from Catalina to this day. And on top of this, it was really fun hanging out and shopping with Catalina.”

Ming – Business Owner, Sydney

“Dear Catalina,

My boyfriend has been hassling me to help him style up his wardrobe, so I had to come clean and admit that my style all came from you! What is most amazing is that you came to my house and got an understanding of my own style and wardrobe, then worked out what the holes were in my collection. Everything we chose on our shopping day felt like me, but with better judgement! Your eye to see what cut worked best on my body, is amazing. I love that when I put on stuff you chose, I don’t have to stress, I just know it looks hot!

Seriously, I had the easiest, most successful day shopping ever! What’s not to love about having someone there devoted to making you look and feel good! It was an awesome day. Besides that, I saved SO much time by not wondering which shops to go to, and then when we walked in you knew exactly what things were worth trying and which weren’t! You we’re totally right about all the things I already owned that I could’ve thrown away, I’ve barely touched them and the money I’ve saved by only buying things that were worth owning is brilliant! Anyways, see you for a shopping date very soon! Love it! Best kind of pampering a dude can get!”

Chris – Architect, Sydney

“I have worked with Catalina on several photoshoots and for a fashion photographer nothing is as valuable as a great stylist. Catalina is able to put the most amazing looks together and is literally a genius when it comes to knowing what will work on different body types. She has always brought a level of professionalism, style that is unmatched and is always perfectly prepared which allows the shoot to run efficiently.

I would absolutely recommend Catalina as a stylist for photoshoots or personal styling as she posses a rare skill of just knowing what will work on everyone for every situation.”

Ben – Photographer

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