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White Shirts Forever

Having written about them previously and sporting a couple myself in this post, you could be forgiven for thinking that I’m a bit obsessed with white shirts.

Well, you would be right!

What should you look for in a white shirt? Read on.

1.  Fabric Composition
In a world full of leaky coffee cups, eating on the run and heavy duty make up, your white shirt will need a good soak every now and again. Get yourself a shirt made from sturdy natural fibres such as cotton or linen as they’ll last long, breathe well, and because you’re worth it.

2. Fabric Type
By this I mean how the fabric feels. A crispy feel (cotton poplin) is neat and can be dressed up or down. A gauzy soft feel (cotton or linen) is more casual and is great for weekends and beach wear. Choose one or the other, or one of each!

2. Cut
There are a lot of options and the best fit for you will depend on your ‘style’ as well as your shape. For versatility, choose a shirt that has a small collar, simple front pocket (if any), and nice tidy buttons. Slightly roomy is much nicer and more flattering than slightly too small, so make sure there are no gaping buttons. Currently I like an oversize shirt, slightly drop shouldered with a scoop hem and hidden placket, but I seriously have every style of white shirt available and I wear them all. Experiment with the right style for you!

Text and images by Catalina Alfaro Stylist for Alfie’s Friend Rolfe

Style Tips

Style Tips : Take A Picture

2017-07-05_15.38.53_1499233167571Oh geez, well this is embarrassing. Pictures of me. The awkwardness! The horror!

Bear with me though, it’s to give you a little wardrobe tip.

One of the things I always encourage my Wardrobe Audit clients to do is take photos of themselves in different outfits. You don’t need to have incredible lighting or hair and make up, the pictures just need to clearly show your outfit. Why do this?

  1. It’s like your own personal catalogue! All your awesome clothes, yep even the possibly questionable gems stashed right at the back.
  2. You get to see how you actually look in your outfits. Might not be your favourite thing on this list right now, but it should be! Trust me, you look pretty cute most days.
  3. When you are being lazy and can’t decide what to wear you can flick through and pick an outfit you already own that you think looks good. This is seriously the best and my favourite reason for doing this…#inspo
  4. Lastly, once you start doing this you’ll actually try to give everything in your wardrobe a go, accessories and everything, which is great in itself. In addition, the pictures will help you decide if your outfits look great, need work or need to get the flick altogether.

A couple of months ago I realised I had A LOT of shirts and blouses that I wasn’t wearing, so I decided to practice what I preach and these are some of the results. All these shirts are now back in rotation and as it’s gotten cold I’ve styled them into more winter appropriate outfits.

Give it a go. It makes life so much easier! Let me know how you get on.


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More White Shirt Goodness

I forgot to include this excellent image in yesterdays’ white shirt post. Now it gets a whole post of its own!

photo 5

Which is a good thing because this is what a stylish summer man looks like in my mind…simple styling, relaxed silhouette, crinkly soft fabrics in light colours, and of course some lovely accessories in the way of man jewellery, shades and not a pair of Havaianas flip-flops in sight.

Hooray for shirt, shoes and shorts! Everybody loves a well dressed man, and nobody likes man-toes…true story.


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More White Shirts

Shirts white 1

After last week’s post about white shirts, I wore white shirts for days. I have four of them and would love a few more…if I find the perfect one you’ll hear about it!

Anyways, I heard over and over again “what about one for guys?”, and seeing as there is nothing sexier than a man in a crisp white shirt, here goes. A classic across the ages, dressed up or dressed down, a man in a white shirt is timeless chic.

Shirts white 2

white shirt 3

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Rainy Day Solution

Rainy and windy miserable day…not good when you have wavy hair! This morning I looked like I was wearing a Tina Turner wig.

I’ve been needing a cap exactly for days like this. Hey presto, no more frizz! If only everything could be this easy.

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Matchy Matchy

I have been a fan of matching everything for as long as I can remember…one of my earliest memories is being about 4 years old and fervently insisting that the ribbons in my hair match the ribbon lace on my socks. Hmmm not much has changed.

One of the best matching tricks is: shoes the same colour a your pants make your legs look longer. Yes it’s true! And who wouldn’t want longer legs, right? The colour extending all the way from your waist to your toes means there’s continuity and the eye is tricked into seeing longer legs.

Ladies know about this rule (thank you nude coloured pumps) but it may be news to even the most sartorial boys out there.

So now you know! No need to stick with black thanks to all the amazing coloured pants and shoes available for men at the moment. Examples seen here from Alfie’s Friend Rolfe.