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Spotlight: Hysteria By Happy Socks

I love it when things are beautifully designed, especially the little everyday things you don’t even think about, like socks.

No longer in the realm of last minute gifts for grandpa, socks have been in the spotlight for several years thanks in large part to companies like Sweden’s Happy Socks coming along and re-inventing the humble sock by injecting colour and great Scandi design into an otherwise ho-hum item of everyday necessity.

This year Happy Socks has released HYSTERIA, their first foray in to a line of high fashion socks designed specifically for “the fashion-conscious woman”. The debut collection is inspired by mid-century architecture and optical art, and features bold colours and graphics in socks made of cotton, nylon, wool and lurex.

HYSTERIA looks and feels amazing, and it has been so beautifully shot too. I don’t need to say any more, these pictures speak a thousand fashionably-dressed words.

Now available globally.

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DSC03285 cropDSC03377DSC03303 cropDSC03381

I absolutely love Opals…when I was a kid I always thought Opals were alive, how else could they shimmer with colour like that? Fast forward to now and I still feel the same way. They are magical.

I had the pleasure of working with the beautiful Tatiana Ikasovic of Fade To Black Studio taking photos of her stunning Opal jewellery range on a spectacularly sunny day. With stones ethically sourced from Lightning Ridge and other parts of Australia, the current range from FTB Studio is delicate yet impactful, and features fine gold and silver jewellery where no two stones are alike.


Photography and direction: Catalina Alfaro
Model: Tatiana Ikasovic
Brand: Fade To Black Studio

Location: Arthur McElhone Reserve, Elizabeth Bay NSW.

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Matchy Matchy

I have been a fan of matching everything for as long as I can remember…one of my earliest memories is being about 4 years old and fervently insisting that the ribbons in my hair match the ribbon lace on my socks. Hmmm not much has changed.

One of the best matching tricks is: shoes the same colour a your pants make your legs look longer. Yes it’s true! And who wouldn’t want longer legs, right? The colour extending all the way from your waist to your toes means there’s continuity and the eye is tricked into seeing longer legs.

Ladies know about this rule (thank you nude coloured pumps) but it may be news to even the most sartorial boys out there.

So now you know! No need to stick with black thanks to all the amazing coloured pants and shoes available for men at the moment. Examples seen here from Alfie’s Friend Rolfe.

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Weekend Perv: Perfect Black Flats from Saint Laurent

SL flats body SL flats side and back

I’m forever in search of great black flats. I own a stack of them, but it’s a never ending search for the perfect pair, black flats are my holy grail of shoes.

I dare say this pair is very close to it…so sleek, so dainty and oh so very shiny. These beauties from Saint Laurent may just do it all: they’re work friendly, party friendly and everyday friendly. They look pretty with a skirt, and this pair¬†absolutely nails a classic look teamed with a cropped pant. Yep, I can see myself strutting about in these, maybe even do a little moonwalk.

Being Saint Laurent they’re not exactly a steal. Sigh. But cost per wear could make them justifiable…or maybe I could have a fundraiser??

SL flats side

All images sourced from Net-a-Porter


Weekend Perv: Maison Martin Margiela mirror clutch

Over the 10+ years that I’ve had my boutique, I’ve met a great many people with amazing style, and one of them walked into my store this week carrying this shiny covetable beauty. It’s amazing and now I want one more than a holiday so it totally deserves a bit of sharing for the Weekend Perv.

(The person carrying this bag always looks impeccable and unique and has the best accessories to perv on. Seriously, if only you could see the rest of the outfit, you’d faint at how good it is. Next time, if I think you can take it I promise to show you)

Maison Martin Margiela is one of those brands that cool fashion people wear (fashion designers, models, editors, buyers…you know, people that get snapped by The Sartorialist) and they do so because it’s luxurious, interesting and unusual, in other words it’s for grown ups. This curved clutch bag is the epitome of all those things. It features a fantastic concave perspex mirror panel on one side, beautiful soft leather on the other and an excellent chunky zip enclosure (I do love a good zipper, it’s so important). When held mirror side in the curve makes it super ergonomic. When held mirror side out, well it’s just super awesome.

Here’s a cheer for all things shiny and perv-worthy! Happy weekend x

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Weekend Perv: Michael Hockey x amFAR Boots

photo 42
photo 43Whilst researching the Don’t Fight The Blues Part I and Part II¬†I stumbled upon a range of absolutely amazing men’s shoes, the kind of beautifully detailed and lovingly made shoes that makes me scorn all men who persist with crap shoes (there’s no excuse!),¬†whilst at the same time making me wish for man-size feet so I can wear them.¬†I dug¬†a little further and was¬†so excited¬†to discover they are the work of my good friend Michael Hockey. I always knew he was a supremely¬†talented fellow (and funny as hell I’ll have you know) but I honestly was taken aback with the level of detail and craftsmanship of his range, in particular these lace up boots from his capsule range for international non-profit organisation¬†amFAR¬†(The Foundation for Aids Research). Good cause and good style! Winning.
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Don’t Fight The Blues Part II

Dressier Blues

Last week I put together a “mood-board of manly casualness in many blue hues” for you. It was a homage to everything blue and manly for¬†looking awesome on the¬†weekend and during leisure time (do people still have leisure time?). This¬†week I’m focusing on a dressier approach. We all gotta dress up sometime, right? And I do love a dapper gent.

So¬†a question that¬†I get asked ALL THE TIME is “what is smart casual?”. It’s the new dress code of choice for anything from a birthday¬†lunch to a wedding, so it can cover quite a lot of ground when it comes to styles.¬†Definitely a topic I need to devote more time to later but for now,¬†pretty much anything in this week’s mood board fits the bill for guys. Blue is a great colour for smart casual attire like an unstructured¬†blazer, slim pant¬†or even a casual suit because black can be too ‘black tie’, brown is a little too ‘vintage’ and grey is a little too ‘business’.¬†In any case, nothing says ‘smart’ better than a perfect ink navy.
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Loved It To Death


When I find something I love, I want to wear it all the time. Like many other creatures of habit, I have to consciously stop myself from flogging my favourite things to death. Like my favourite plaited chain wreath necklace. I wore it with everything from a crappy t-shirt to an evening dress and people always commented on it. It even dressed up those lazy day outfits, you know the ones. It was the perfect bit of added excellence. Oh how I loved it!
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Don’t Fight The Blues

Casual Blues

Once upon a time as a rookie fashion buyer I used to try and get all crazy with colours for the men’s section of the shop, you know, so everything wouldn’t be blue. Silly rookie me.¬†¬†There’s no point trying to fight the blues when it comes men’s clothing and what not. Now I am of the school of thought that the more blue in¬†a man’s¬†wardrobe, the better.

This here¬†is a little mood-board of manly casualness in many blue hues…perfect garb for sunny weekends spent being a man-about-town, strolling¬†around looking awesome, laid back and well-dressed (I just described the perfect guy, yes?).
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Spring Palette: Pale Blue

Spring flatlay with captionlvr_campaign_webimage_9

Pale blue¬†is a seriously underrated colour in a girl’s wardrobe…why is that? are we conditioned not to wear it from our baby girl days? Is it still a “boy” colour?¬†Well forget that, it’s time to get some pale blues¬†in your wardrobe. It looks good on blondes, brunettes and redheads (in fact, redheads + pale blue = perfection), and works with¬†tan or no tan (so it’s perfect¬†apr√®s-winter when you’re a bit pasty…hooray).
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