Movie Moments: The Makeover Part II


Last week we were reminded of the pure excellence that is ‘Dirty Rotten Scoundrels’ in the makeover movie moments , I must admit it’s now on my re-watch list, again! Now its time for some serious style icon action. Enjoy. X Catalina

Roman Holiday (1953), Dir. William Wyler.

We all know Audrey Hepburn will appear on any movie list regarding style…it’s really just a question of which of her films it is! She has had her fair share of movie makeovers – Funny Face, My Fair Lady, Sabrina… Any of these could appear on this list, but my favourite on screen Audrey transformation is in Roman Holiday.

For starters, she’s a princess! Duh! A very young princess running from her royal duties for a very short while before they swallow her for ever (not an unfamiliar concept even today). Running away and (accidentally) straight into the arms of journalist, Gregory Peck. Now, Peck wears the crap out of any suit you throw at him- tall, dark, handsome and debonair. He looks so good. His photographer friend, not-as-handsome but charming Eddie Albert, takes it into more casual artsy territory with Breton stripes and soft suede. He looks good too. But Audrey shines. And whilst she looks amazing in her princess gowns (so amazing in fact that the whole wardrobe was gifted to her after filming wrapped) she even rocks Peck’s dressing gown with grace. However, it is her appropriation of a plain white shirt and a circle skirt that lets her character develop. Of course she could never really melt into a crowd, but this smart and simple outfit allows her to take in the sights (oh Roma, so beautiful!), drop her guard, grow into a woman, and fall in love. That’s the power of the right outfit! And let’s not forget it gives her the strength to liberate herself from her girly locks, and chop them into what’s possibly the cutest pixie cut in movie history. Cue hordes of women urging their hairdressers’ scissors higher and higher. Because what girl wouldn’t want to be a masquerading princess?



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