Weekend Perv: Nike Air Max I VT WMNS

full bodyWhen Nike came out with the Air Max 90 I’d just started high school, was super impressionable (find me a 12 year old who isn’t) and they were what all the cool kids wore.  I desperately wanted a pair. Desperately.  They looked so cool with their fat soles, big window (so hi-tech at the time) and the super bright colours they came in. Not blessed with the legs required to pull of a pair of Reebok Pumps, I thought maybe the Airmax 90 was the answer to my sneaker problems. Sadly it wasn’t (my legs still wouldn’t co -operate and neither would my parents), but I loved them then, and I still have a soft spot for them ’til now.

crop close up legs

Fast forward to 2013 when everything 90’s is cool (well, except pencil thin eyebrows, brown lipstick and my collection of mixtapes) and “Sports Luxe” is like, an actual thing. I came across these beauties on net-a-porter during the week, and seriously, how cool are they? Yes I admit they are a little weird, but awesomely so.  Beige trainers whoever would’ve thunk it, the unusual colour combination gives the illusion of a chunky two-tone-brogue / sneaker hybrid. And that yellow, pure genius that is. These also come in a hi-top wedge version which look cool too, but they’re no Air Max if you know what I mean.

photo (2)

The high school version of me (and my inner homegirl) is in love with this classic Nike shoe in a new edition.  However the grown up version is annoyingly reminding me of the distinct “lady power walking home from work” look that happens when I try to wear sporty shoes with my conservative outfits. Sigh.

crop side (2)

Oh well, a girl can have a Weekend Perv! I’ll dust off my big hoop earrings, put on one of those mixtapes, channel my inner homegirl and dream about some new kicks.

All images sourced from Net-a-porter.


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