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Movie Moments: The Makeover. Part I


Introducing ‘Movie Moments’ to Style and What Not…who doesn’t love a fashionable movie moment? A detail-mad and innately stylish movie buff, guest blogger Monica breaks down “the makeover film” for us, starting with one of my all time favourite 80’s flicks. Enjoy.  X Catalina

The makeover film is popular in Hollywood. And unlike other things in Hollywood, they are seldom just about the physical transformation. They speak to us about attaining a self we’ve previously only yearned for or aspired to, and let’s face it, they are amazing eye candy. On the small screen my favourite Oprah episodes were the makeovers (if you bring these back Oprah, you can save your struggling network…Just sayin’). Watching average people (who looked as if life had not treated them very kindly) completely transform in the space of an hour evokes very singular feelings. Watching these people’s posture and demeanour, their very self worth, change with a bit of a spit and polish is actually pretty amazing. We often forget the power of a little physical renewal as we slog away in our daily routines. If you find yourself in need of a little reinvention inspiration, get thee to the local video shop (I. Am. Old.) and borrow one of these beauties.

DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS, (1988), Dir. Frank Ozdirty_rotten_b_02

This movie is ALL about the makeover, over and over in fact. Granted, Michael Caine never really plays anyone other than Michael Caine, but here it’s his ‘Rascal Michael’, my favourite, and Steve Martin is there to make up for any lack of transformation tack from Caine. Their wardrobes and styling are obvious yet flawless in this master of disguise con-caper, much like the ridiculous characters they each play. As it’s an 80’s film, there’s the obligatory bonus training montage as Martin transforms from abrasive American to suave gentleman under Caine’s tutelage, even if only for fleeting moment. The crushed linen gives way to double breasted sharpness, but add an eye patch to fastidious style, and what you get is comedy gold. Clothes (or lack thereof, as the sight of a pasty Steve Martin in tiny speedos burns itself into your retinas) do indeed make the man, any man, when you’re conning the world in this comedy classic.



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