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Don’t Fight The Blues Part II

Dressier Blues

Last week I put together a “mood-board of manly casualness in many blue hues” for you. It was a homage to everything blue and manly for looking awesome on the weekend and during leisure time (do people still have leisure time?). This week I’m focusing on a dressier approach. We all gotta dress up sometime, right? And I do love a dapper gent.

So a question that I get asked ALL THE TIME is “what is smart casual?”. It’s the new dress code of choice for anything from a birthday lunch to a wedding, so it can cover quite a lot of ground when it comes to styles. Definitely a topic I need to devote more time to later but for now, pretty much anything in this week’s mood board fits the bill for guys. Blue is a great colour for smart casual attire like an unstructured blazer, slim pant or even a casual suit because black can be too ‘black tie’, brown is a little too ‘vintage’ and grey is a little too ‘business’. In any case, nothing says ‘smart’ better than a perfect ink navy.


  • Mix blues…a dark ink navy will go well with most other blues, especially really pale or really bright so choose navy as the base colour for either your pants, jacket or shirt. Check out Country Road‘s “Indigo Store” as a good place to start seeing how different blues mix. Some of it is too casual (for today’s post), but you get my drift.
  • Mix different textures and blue patterns. Some of my favourite looks from todays montage are from the Hermes Spring 2014 range (full body shot far left and bottom right) and they are a spectacular blend of patterned textured blues…delightful! If I was a (very wealthy) man I would want to dress just like this. I suggest looking through this range for springtime inspiration. Love it.
  • Button your shirt to the top. Not all the time, but sometimes. It totally dresses up a more casual look, see that guy on his phone in the middle? All tucked in and buttoned up high? Well his ensemble just went from “oh yeah” to “OH YEAH!”.


  • Beware of “purpley” blues. You know how sometimes you get something navy, but it actually looks a bit purple? Maybe it’s been washed too much, or it was just like that when you bought it? Well don’t mix it with other blues. It will clash because it is a “warm blue” and has too much red fibres in it. Look, I can go on and on about ‘warm colours’ vs ‘cool colours’ but I wont because it needs a whole post of its own.
  • Don’t wear black shoes if you can help it. It’s not the end of the world if you do, but I would recommend a smart shoe in blue, grey, tan or chocolate brown with a smart casual ensemble in blues.

Images sourced from Hermes via, Country Road, Michael Hockey Footwear, GQ and The Sartorialist.


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