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Don’t Fight The Blues

Casual Blues

Once upon a time as a rookie fashion buyer I used to try and get all crazy with colours for the men’s section of the shop, you know, so everything wouldn’t be blue. Silly rookie me.  There’s no point trying to fight the blues when it comes men’s clothing and what not. Now I am of the school of thought that the more blue in a man’s wardrobe, the better.

This here is a little mood-board of manly casualness in many blue hues…perfect garb for sunny weekends spent being a man-about-town, strolling around looking awesome, laid back and well-dressed (I just described the perfect guy, yes?).


  • Team any and all blues with beige/tan/caramel, something along those tones as shown in several of the pics in the mood board. It’s a perfect combo! Guaranteed to look awesome and dapper with a very little amount of effort.
  • Wear blue shoes with chinos (and lighter coloured trousers in general). It’s a much better option than black shoes, and more interesting than brown shoes. There are some amazing blue shoes around now, I particularly like the two shown in the mood board from Schmoove and The Horse.
  • Wear chambray! Whilst everybody is right to tread carefully around the whole double denim look (otherwise called a Canadian Tuxedo), in this day and age of coloured pants and chinos chambray is the perfect shirt colour. It says “hey, I’m casual” whilst still being a shirt. My favourite one is soft and crinkly and the perfect shade of blue from Melbourne brand Flux (on the guy with the beard).
  • Think blue is a bit boring? Well, be adventurous and mix your patterns. Stripes and paisley? Awesome! Navy blue and white just got interesting.


  • Don’t keep flogging your navy blue favourites when they are no longer navy blue, if you know what I mean. If it looks purple-y or bally, chuck it out and get a new one!
  • Beware of primary blue! You know, the kind the blue Wiggle wears. It’s a tricky mix with other blues, so maybe stick to white or neutral tones with it. Or better yet, opt for a different bright blue that’s not so Wiggle-y.

Images sourced from The Academy Brand, A.P.C, The Sartorialist, Country Road, Schmoove, Somedays Store, Flux, The Horse and


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