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Spring Palette: Pale Blue

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Pale blue is a seriously underrated colour in a girl’s wardrobe…why is that? are we conditioned not to wear it from our baby girl days? Is it still a “boy” colour? Well forget that, it’s time to get some pale blues in your wardrobe. It looks good on blondes, brunettes and redheads (in fact, redheads + pale blue = perfection), and works with tan or no tan (so it’s perfect après-winter when you’re a bit pasty…hooray).

Think sun-bleached tones and pastels, light denims and chambrays…every shade of light blue in all sorts of textures and patterns. It works as a highlight colour too so opt for accessories if you prefer a little rather than a lot.


  • Wear back with natural colours or other sun-bleached tones for an easy summery look.
  • Experiment with fabrics you wouldn’t normally think of in pale blue like lace, silk, linen and suede.
  • Choose accessories in a more vibrant Cornflower Blue for extra punch.


  • Confuse pale blue with aqua blue. They are not the same. Aqua blue doesn’t look good on anybody who isn’t a Mermaid.

Images sourced from Paul and Joe, Alfie’s Friend Rolfe and Lover The Label.


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