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Casual Friday Part II

Casual Friday Part II.2

Stores have started receiving their Spring ’13 ranges (yay! finally!) and I’m sure you’ve noticed an obvious pattern…patterns! Big or small, bold or sedate, colourful or monochromatic, they’re everywhere. It’s true they can be a tricky…but a little sharp tailoring, quality fabrics, subtle colour combinations and neat accessories means you can definitely bust out some excellent patterns at work on Casual Friday. Yeehar.


  • Wear patterned pants. A small pattern on the bottom can actually make you look slimmer because the eye focuses on the pattern, not the outline of your rear end. Winning!
  • Wear solid colours with patterns. This will make your life easier and avoid entering the “Pyjama Zone” because as awesome as this look can be, it’s pretty tricky.
  • Wear a man-style shirt. They look great in a pattern or solid, tucked in or out, and work brilliantly under a blazer.
  • Look to Casual Friday Part I for shoe inspiration.


  • Don’t go all crazy Hawaiian! It’s work, not a tropical island (mmmm tropical island). Stay away from huge tropical flower motifs.
  • Don’t forget tailoring is the key to dressing for work, so same goes when it comes to patterns. Great tailoring will avoid looking too ‘Boho’ (is there a better word for ‘boho’ yet? if not there should be).
  • And lastly…Don’t be afraid 🙂

Image source: Country Road, Gorman, Status Anxiety, Paul and Joe, Sambag.


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