Feel good, Women

Different Strokes

catalina and modelresized

If you believe what we’re fed by advertising companies then you’d expect to see models everywhere. Doing the groceries. Picking up the kids from school. Being a kid at school. Using anti-aging face cream (wait, what?). Driving a jazzy little car about town with their model friends. Wearing stuff from every place from Kmart to Chanel. Ahhh models…all legs and arms and cheekbones with not a wrinkle or wobbly bit in sight.

This is a picture of me mucking about with one of the girls I had the pleasure of working with on my last shoot. Candid shots with the models are my favourite, as you can see the difference between us is ridiculous…it’s like we are different species! Instead of making me feel bad, these pictures just make me laugh…you know why? Because this is what a regular person looks like next to a model (assuming of course that I am a regular person and not a complete short-ass). They remind me to just get on with being me because I’m not that…no amount of make up, hair and good lighting cant change that fact! Stuff you media world, stop making me feel bad about something I can’t change without extensive leg lengthening surgery in Thailand.

So next time you’re beating yourself up about not looking like a model in your outfit, I want you to look at this pic. Hopefully you will laugh…and just get on with being the best dressed version of you.


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