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Casual Friday Part I

Let’s talk about Casual Friday. Seriously the way people freak out about this concept, you’d think that it was thought up by evil HR types out to torture innocent hard-working people. It’s actually a nice last-day-of-the-week where you can relax the formality of the workplace a little and maybe head out for a nice drink somewhere straight after work without looking all suit-y.

Even though Casual Friday can be a bit tricky, there are some rules you can follow regardless of where you work so you can always look the business (heehee).

  • Be well groomed. Casual Friday is not Sloppy Friday! Just because your clothes are casual doesn’t mean your approach to grooming needs to be. Girls: Make-up for Casual Friday is not weekend make-up, stick to natural and fresh. Guys: Look after your face with “facial hair maintenance” (was going to call it shaving but so many guys have beards now and the word ‘manscaping’ makes my skin crawl). And everybody have good hair!
  • Have great shoes on. This is not negotiable ok, just do it. It will make your outfit. Girls: brogues, ballet flats, and heels you’re prepared to put up with all day are all good options. Go for colour if you’re struggling with a drab outfit. Guys: lace up leather shoes or desert boots are good with chinos or dark jeans, and leather sneakers are perfect with jeans in a more casual setting.
  • Make sure clothes are pressed. This is so important! Even though technically it’s part of being well groomed, it deserves its own special mention because people’s casual clothes aren’t always pressed. For the weekend, be as wrinkly as you want. But on Casual Fridays, iron your shirts!

cas friday wmn shoes

Over the coming weeks I will go through more Casual Friday scenarios and some outfits…one step at a time though! But tomorrow is Friday so run this through your mind:

  1. Good Hair – Check
  2. Best Face – Check
  3. Smooth Outfit – Check
  4. Awesome Shoes – Check

Let me know how you go in the comments…better yet send me a photo of your Casual Friday outfit! Keen to see it.

Top image sourced from Refinery 29.


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