Feel good, Men, Women

I feel pretty, oh so pretty


So I should probably say that this little blog is a “work in progress”…it’s only taken me a thousand years (well, at least 5) to get this happening and now you’ll have to bear with me whilst I make it pretty.

I can make outfits pretty…but computer things are another story! Yikes.

Speaking of pretty…there’s a pretty girl who lives upstairs from my shop and she kindly modelled a few outfits for us today, from our new arrivals. Models are always so serious and glum, and it made me think how much nicer it would be if they smiled sometimes. We took loads of shots and this one is my favourite.

And that’s the best style tip ever peopleSMILE!!! A smile is better than any dress, a cool haircut, pair of jeans…hell, a smile will even make you look better than the perfect pair of shoes will (woah…did I really just say that?).

Smile. You’ll look prettier. Or handsomer. Whichever works for you.


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