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Sweatshirt Guide For The New Millenium


Remember the days when sweatshirts used to be baggy, saggy and daggy? The sleeves and body were miles too big; the cuffs and hem would pucker from being so ill-fitting; and said sweatshirt would almost certainly have a hideous sporting brand across the front (and possibly stains). Well guys, those days are officially over…just quietly, they were kinda over in the 90’s.

[Now would be a good time to get up, go to your wardrobe/hideous sweatshirt drawer, and throw anything matching the description above into a garbage bag and donate to goodwill. You may keep only one, specifically for days spent hungover in bed, bad breakups, fishing trips, DIY weekends and paintball.]

Welcome to 2013 where sweatshirts are amazing. A few years ago a crew neck sweatshirt was the boring ugly cousin of a zip front hoody, but now they are the height of fashion for anyone from your own ugly cousin to a hipster barista (and all the regular people in between). Sweatshirts now fit perfectly (think sharp shoulders, fitted sleeves and slim torso); they look fantastic over a crisp shirt; they still feel so luxurious and cosy; they absolutely look dressy enough to wear to work in lieu of a sweater (yay!); and they come in all sorts of interesting fabrics and styles that will work on everyone.

In short: I LOVE EM. You should get one.

What to look for:

  • Good quality ribbing for the cuffs, hem and neck. Nothing says “crap sweatshirt” louder than wavy out-of-shape cuffs.
  • Slim fit across the chest and in the arms. The sweatshirt should hug your shoulder without puckering under your arm. Please note that “slim fit” does not equal “too tight” or “size too small”. You’ve been warned.
  • Suitable length. It’s too short if we can see the top of your underpants or your actual gut. It’s too long if the waistband falls down past your butt, or there is bunching around your mid section (think gentle folds not bunching)

What to avoid:

  • Polyester blends as they will go “bally”, or start “pilling”. This is when little white balls start to form all over the sweatshirt. Sometimes it’s inevitable…but best stick to good quality cotton for longevity.

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